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Miroslav Sanytrák – Formula 1 OK9FER, Miroslav Sanytrák, Unhošť , Kladno | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Miroslav Sanytrák – Formula 1

Miroslav Sanytrák | 18.8.04 | O mne


That is a long history, as a little boy I used to go karting in the Spalena Street in 1967, 69, 70. The wheels were taken from old baby prams. I never got any further, there were no money. At the age of 14 I used to mount motorbikes with friends, later at the secondary school as an onlooker and collector of anything around formulas. The signature I obtained in deep totality, when the foreign letters were subject to censorship and used to came torn and opened, was a beautiful poster of the Maranello cars signed in violet ink under the photo of Enzo Ferrari. There were photos of Jackie Stewart, G. Hill, F. Cevert and others to follow. The time went and as I mentioned above, I devoted my time to studies, building of my house and family. I watched the Ferrari’s team and crossed my fingers for his boys. In 1999 my hobby grew into an obsession and I started to wonder what to do about it. I got in touch with Maranello, with the Ferrari representatives in the CR, in 2004 started the project 

www.constr_4.com, mainly the Climber of the Year in F1. Since 1999, the Ferrari flag size 100x200cm has been fluttering at my house, visible from far away and from aeroplanes that pass our house in hundreds thanks to the landing corridor. I have to replace it every year because of the weather. Today, journalists, team managers cooperate with me and I also have an excellent team of specialists around myself. They deserve a credit for having put up with me for 3 years and thanks for their work.



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