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Miroslav Sanytrák – OK9FER OK9FER, Miroslav Sanytrák, Unhošť , Kladno | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Miroslav Sanytrák – OK9FER

Miroslav Sanytrák | 18.8.04 | HAM



I made one of my student dreams come true after my military service, when Mgr. Jaroslav Prochazka OK1AWJ first put me in front of a radio. It was 1984. I was a member of Svazarm in Unhost. I used to assemble various radioamateurs devices and spent my time with a solder in a sooted cellar. There were no money and the time went. It stopped in 2005, when, having bought all necessary, run the tests in December 2005, spent the January 2006 in the freezing cold and wind on the roof with an aerial, as it is often the case with radioamateurs. The call sign OK9FER may be reached at the 70cm frequency and 2m.


Actually, everything is linked to www.constr_4.com, OK9 FER – FERRARI, all in the honour of Mr. Enzo Ferrari, I am a hard-core Ferrari supporter, a sincere fan of the beautiful cars from Maranello. It is my dream, I am definitely going to make this one true, to organize a radio amateurs’ contest during the World Championship of Formula 1, it the CR for the time being, later worldwide on the short wave range. The contest should join all radioamateurs – motor racing fans, not only F1. The rules and the certificate are being prepared, plus other related matters, sponsors are being looked for.





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