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Počasí Austin -grand prix USA 2015 Ubimet, počasí, F1 | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Počasí Austin -grand prix USA 2015

Ubimet | 21.10.15 | Počasí UBIMET F1


Turbulent weather expected in Austin
Vienna, October 21st, 2015 - Texas is looking forward to the biggest rain event for months and so the F1 activities in Austin will get affected, predicts UBIMET. The combination of a low pressure system from the West and the advection of a lot of moisture from the Gulf will lead to widespread and partly heavy rain from Thursday on till Saturday.
Wet Friday 
At the start of the Formula-1-weekend on Friday, heavy, partly thundery rain is expected throughout the day in Greater Austin. "During both sessions, Practice 1 and Practice 2, the racers will see quite damp and wet conditions on the track", predicts Formula 1 Chief Meteorologist Steffen Dietz. Due to the compact clouds and the rain, temperatures won't change too much during the day. After 22 degrees in the morning they will rise up to 25 degrees in the afternoon.  
A lot of rain on Saturday
On Saturday, a strong frontal system will arrive in Austin and cater for very unsettled weather. Overcast skies and partly heavy rain with high precipitation rates will affect the track, particularly before noon. "During the afternoon some further, but weaker showers are still expected, so the starting grid could easily be jumbled by the rain too", says Dietz. Again, a maximum value of 24 degrees is reached in the afternoon.
More settled weather during the race 
Sunday will see again abundant clouds with probably some isolated showers. However, their intensity should not be comparable to the amounts of the two previous days at all. In any case, the race could see one of these showers hitting the track. Temperatures will slightly drop after the frontal passage, reaching highs of 22 degrees at most. The moderate-to-fresh northerly winds will lead to not-so-comfortable conditions for the spectators.
Background information 
Given the average monthly amount of precipitation (~ 90 mm in October) and a long dry period with much higher temperatures before, this weekend is highly interesting in many meteorological aspects. Temperatures this weekend will be below average, as you can expect highs around 29 degrees on a usual day in October in Austin. But it is not the first time that weather influences the United States Grand Prix in Austin in that way. "Although mostly calm conditions prevailed the previous three years, in 2013 the first training session had to be postponed due to thick fog", the meteorologist knows.
UBIMET is a global leading provider of weather services, forecasting systems and tailor-made services. Delivering high-quality services and meeting customer needs are UBIMET's top priorities. High-performance computer systems and specialists from the fields of meteorology, mathematics, physics, geosciences and computer science process and evaluate weather models, radar and satellite images around the clock and throughout the year. This allows UBIMET to deliver leading-edge solutions that help companies be more efficient, successful and cost-aware than the competitors in their industries. www.ubimet.com



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