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Chapter 0 F1,Formule 1, construct, konstrukce | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Chapter 0

Miroslav Sanytrák | 2.1.05 | Tajná řeč těla pilotů F1 a dalších osob

Secret body language

I do in my professional job with personal management and run companies in the area of human resources, often I coach owner or top managers of companies, I am their personal consultant. 50% everyone's success is high-quality communication, part is individual assertivity and remainder organizational abilities and evidently scope and knowledge scope. I meet of late years with supermanagers, by which is given authority of installation on position e.g.,director. Their real job however mismatch this, what awaits their vicinage. It's in virtue of thereby, that they have specific guarantees of job and aren't enough motivated to others executions.

In the area of communication already in 19.century known anthropologist A.Mehrabian computed, that 58 % understanding in communication human with human is in virtue of nonverbal communication, known below idea bodytalk. With present knowledge of psychology and lookout in the communication area I lean myself to 65 % given bodytalk ( for watcher with practice) and remainder is given speech quality and other factors. In a team cooperation suffices naked eye and gesture, to all proceed with professional precision, whereby it's often reached of the best results. Characteristics everyone's are possible totally read through from photographies provided once in „civil" also in working environment, with look and analysis of bodytalk. Photography of bodytalk enables to reader even this, that he can to them always come back, analyze and look on everything with reality, possible verbal communication. When we compare photographies in explicit time period, we will analyze them from look of bodytalk, we can somehow or other trace up changes in everyone. We cannot however please say, and I give great stress of this, that we get knowledge of bodytalk all exhibitions of human personality. It goes about explicit item of the total cake in knowledge of specific person.My 30-years practice me makes it possible to watch just at the moment communication if single pilots of stables Formula 1 in the area of bodytalk. Watch their evolution from viewpoint of human personality and compare them also with their some antecedents. I'm not unfortunately meanwhile directly in happening Grand Prix, so that I could pieces of knowledge complete about personal communication , I hope again, that it succeed me promptly. It doesn't stand again, that I would bespeak from my professional viewpoint on racers anything, what it would may them anywise damage, only I want indicate for reader our web, that they have watch also communication of bodytalk, that is of them capable display not only emotional lay-out of human, but also his explicit characteristics. (We compare photographies of Mr. Graham Hill and his son Mr. Damon Hill. It was at the time of active competition of D. Hill absolutely plain, that in formula 1 is human, which is great player and yearn vastly on win. It ratified all after gain of masterly title. When we will watch earlier bodytalk of J.Buttona and its current exposures , too many we find out.It had to be with following of Mr. Michael Schumacher bodytalk at the end of season 2003 everyone plain, that he is going to be over careers of pilot formula 1 . It's brightly see with following current bodytalk of e.g . Mr Räikkönen mad helpless and action with techniques of race monoposto. Human goes into work in these position with hunger wit, but it's him to little avail, when he hasn't appropriate instrument. It is it genuine, by managers have to in the area of personal management above all do, because they pay human otherwise according to contract, but results this human can't give. This human then waits alone on opportunity go away to a different place, where he will have appropriate instrument corresponding with his ability. It is not going at the moment helpless already even about money given any contract, but about personal satisfaction and personal prestige. Hunger wit is not only at sportsmen. Manager on any position, in case, that he cann't be winner, is else manager, his availability for any company or team however hasn't exalted rate.We view with on exposures of bodytalk at Mr. Fernando Alonso, here is see once again from his gesture satisfaction and gigantic power for score, he wants be winner. I return to stable Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro , to Mr. Rubens Barrichello, where we can watch explicit tension and gigantic liability of player No. 2 in Ferrari. For future could Mr R.Barichello be great weapon of stable. You see already now on his gesture gigantic verve keep yourself order next to Mr. Michael Schumacher also in position of the total placing in F1. That much meanwhile to bodytalk of pilots F1.We won't do in the area of informations about F1 pilots and single stables their personal statistic, there find Internet readers everywhere about, our statistic is partly interestly state by comments of several Grand Prix. 



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