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Dea Engine Dea, superkrat, motory, konstrukce, F1 | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Dea Engine

Vratislav Ondráček | 14.10.14 | Motor


The engine comes from an Italian manufacturer DEA. It is a two-cylinder, made specifically for this category of Superkarts. It is water cooled, the water pump being a part of the engine. The engine is  a two-stroke with the air-port controlled by rotational slide valves. The cylinders have vacuum chokes of the exhaust. The engine puts out 71 kW (95 HP) at 13,000 rpm. The max torque is 55 Nm at 12,800 rpm. The engine uses the DEA carburetors with 43 mm diameter. The ignition is digital DEA. There is a six-gear gearbox with the possibility to change the sprocket for the secondary gear ratio. A hydraulic multiple disc dry clutch. The engine also has the Honda HRS detonation detection system. The picture also shows that the exhaust is equipped with the sensor of the exhaust gases, which is used for proper setting of the ignition and the composition of the mixture.



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