Golden Steering Wheel 2007 Zlatý volant, motosport, F1, formule 1, rally | Constructors F1

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Golden Steering Wheel 2007 Zlatý volant, motosport, F1, formule 1, rally | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Golden Steering Wheel 2007

Miroslav Sanytrák | 25.2.08 | Zlatá,ý,é, řídítka,volant, oko

Golden Steering Wheel

31st Golden Steering Wheel
2nd Golden Handlebars

The awarding ceremony of the most prestigious polls of the Czech motorsport took place in the Congress Hall of The Hilton Prague on Friday 15 February. The Golden Steering Wheels 2007 were awarded in five main categories (circuit racing, rallye and marathon, hill climb, autocross and rallyecross, karts) and five special trophies (Eliska Junkova Prize, Jiri Sedlar Prize, Zdenek Vojtek Prize, Copilot of the Year, Speed Award). The three best motorbike riders were awarded trophies called The Golden Handlebars 2007 and the Golden Eye 2007 went to the best motorsport photograph.

In the category of circuit racing, Tomas Enge expanded his collection of Golden Steering Wheels to nine. Amongst the rallye drivers, the successful World Championship contestant Jan Kopecky came forth. The European vice champion Petr Vojacek is the best hill climber. In the exceptionally hard competition of autocross and rallyecross, it was the current continental Champion Petr Bartos. Tomas Pivoda then did not find a conqueror in karts.The Eliska Junkova Prize for the best woman racer was awarded to the first lady of the European Hill Climb Gabriela Jermanova. The Jiri Sedlar Prize for the most successful driver under 23 years of age will decorate the display of Josef Kral. Filip Schovanek, Roman Kresta's navigator, became the Copilot of the Year. The fastest man and thus also the holder of the Speed Award is Jan Charouz - during the famous 24 Hours Le Mans he took a lap at an average speed of 227.368 kph. The Zdenek Vojtech Prize is given to the person who left a distinct trace in the history of our motorsport. This time, it was Vaclav Blahna, the rallye legend of the 70s and 80s to collect it on the podium.As was expected, the fourth in the category 125ccm of the Motorbike World Championship and the winner of two GPs Lukas Pesek raised the Golden Handlebars over his head. There were two European champions beside him - an endurance rider Roman Michalik and a speedway racer Lukas Dryml.RESULTS OF THE GOLDEN STEERING WHEEL 2007

Circuit racing (general partner Èeská pojišovna)
1. Tomáš Enge 190
2. Josef Král 111
3. Erik Janiš 99
4. Jan Charouz 85
5. David Vršecký 63
6. Adam Kout 56
Rallye and marathons (general partner Bosch)
1. Jan Kopecký 247
2. Martin Prokop 150
3. Václav Pech 124
4. Aleš Loprais 107
5. Roman Kresta 37
6. Josef Peták 25
Hill climb (general partner Dunlop)
1. Petr Vojáèek 227
2. Otakar Krámský 112
3. Dušan Nevìøil 76
4. Miroslav Jakeš 57
5. Dan Michl 41
6. Milan Svoboda 34
Autocross and rallyecross (general partner Construct)
1. Petr Bartoš 196
2. Tomáš Kotek 135
3. Ladislav Hanák 79
4. Jaroslav Hošek 61
5. Roman Èastoral 49
6. Jaroslav Kalný 38
Karts (general partner magazine Vroom!)
1. Tomáš Pivoda 91
2. Zdenìk Gróman 59
3. Patrik Hájek 47
4. Lucie Panáèková 29
5. Libor Toman 23
6. Martin Tlustý 18
Eliska Junkova Prize (partner Dekra)
Gabriela Jermanová
Jiri Sedlar Prize (partner Tipsport)
Josef Král
Zdenek Vojtech Prize (partner Sport-Press)
Václav Blahna
Copilot of the Year (exhibition ground Lysá nad Labem)
Filip Schovánek
Speed Award (Formule&MotoGP)
Jan Charouz - 227,368 km/h, 17. èervna 2007, Le Mans

(general partner Auto Jarov, partner Castrol)

1. Lukáš Pešek 257
2. Roman Michalík 65
3. Lukáš Dryml 54
4. Libor Podmol 49
5. Vía Kuklík 44
6. Karel Abraham 38
7. Martin Žerava 37
8. Petr Vorlíèek 33
9. Václav a Marek Rozehnalovi 31
10. Josef Macháèek 21



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