Golden Steering Wheel 2008 Zlatý volant, motosport, F1, formule 1, rally | Constructors F1

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Golden Steering Wheel 2008 Zlatý volant, motosport, F1, formule 1, rally | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Golden Steering Wheel 2008

Miroslav Sanytrák / foto Jiří Křenek | 21.2.09 | Zlatá,ý,é, řídítka,volant, oko

Golden Steering Wheel 2008


In the golden evening of the motorsport in the Prague's Zofin Palace, on 17 February 2009, three traditional motor events came to the climax - 32nd year of The Golden Steering Wheel for the best car racer, 3rd year of the Golden Handlebars for the best motorbike racer and the 4th year of photographic contest The Golden Eye.

In the five main categories of The Golden Steering Wheel there were some surprises. The biggest one of them was undoubtedly the end of nine year's dominance of Tomas Enge in circuit racing. He was dethroned by the winner of the European Truck Championship David Vrsecky. Among the offroads we could see the representative of rallyecross to come forth - European Champion of division 2 Tomas Kotek. The others to collect the Golden Wheels were the third of junior Word Rallye Championship Martin Prokop, European Champion of hill climb of category I Miroslav Jakes and the cart's World Vice-champion Libor Toman, who also received the Jiri Sedlar Award for the best driver under 23. The Eliska Junkova Award went to the first lady of not only Czech hills Gabriela Jermanova and Jan Tomanek, Prokop's navigator, was pronounced the Navigator of the Year. The Speed Award came to Tomas Enge: on 14 July 2008 he reached an average lap speed of 235.738 kph. The imaginary Hall of Fame of the Czech motorsport did welcome another owner of Zdenek Vojtech's Award, the pioneer of truck racing Jiri Moskal.Not even for the third time The Golden Handlebars saw a different champion at the top, as again it was taken by the 15th of the World Bike Championship of 250 ccm Lukas Pesek. The second was the World Superbike Championship participant Jakub Smrz and the third came the World Vice-champion in freestyle Libor Podmol.Results:Golden Steering Wheel

Category Circuit Racing
1. David Vršecký 197
2. Tomáš Enge 189
3. Josef Král 71
Category Rallye and marathon
1. Martin Prokop 221
2. Roman Kresta 137
3. Jan Kopecký 112
Category Hillm Climb
1. Miroslav Jakeš 198
2. Petr Vojáèek 98
3. Martin Jerman 52
Category Autocross and rallyecross
1. Tomáš Kotek 166
2. Petr Turek 102
3. Ladislav Hanák 78
Category Carts
1. Libor Toman 146
2. Zdenìk Gróman 94
3. Patrik Hájek 55

Eliška Junkova Award
Gabriela JermanováJiøí Sedláø Award
Libor TomanZdeòek Vojtìch Award
Jiøí MoskalNavigator of the Year
Jan TománekSpeed Award 
Tomáš EngeGolden Handlebars

1. Lukáš Pešek 92
2. Jakub Smrž 74
3. Libor Podmol 64

Mr. Petr Dufek

Mr. Rosak and Ms. Rosáková

Martin Prokop (rallye), David Vršecký (circuit racing), Miroslav Jakeš (hillem climb), Tomáš Kotek (autocross and rallyecross) and Libor Toman (carts).



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