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McLaren M19 A F1,Formule 1, construct, okruhy, závody, grand prix | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

McLaren M19 A

Miroslav Sanytrák/ Václav Král | 10.3.05 | Historie F1 - vozy

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Bruce McLaren, fenomenal driver and constructor, died on a racing track on 2nd June 1970, his team, however, did not die. At the time there were 45 people employed and a small London firm Trojan Ltd. took them over. And continued the tradition of making performance cars. Today West McLaren Mercedes still carries Bruce McLaren's name and ranks among the most stable teams. McLaren M19A was the first car of the upcoming company. Pretty tight cockpit is surrounded by safety fuel tanks. The load-bearing part of the body is rived of aluminum alloy sheets and presed or forged cross sections by Reynolds. The panels are made of fiberglass. There are the usual downpressure wings both in the front and rear. The Ford-Cosworth DFV engine has been already described.

Mc Laren M 19A 

Side view

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Technical specification of Mc Laren M 19A (1971)
Wheel base (mm) 1 575
Track - front(mm) 1 600
Track - rear(mm) 2 540
Length (mm) 4 500
Fuel tanks capacity (l) 300
Weight (kg) 560
Gearbox Hewland DG 300
Clutch Borg & Beck
Brakes Lockheed
Layout V8 90 degrees
Bore (mm) 85,7
Stroke (mm) 64,8
Capacity ( ccm) 2 990
Output (HP) 440
Revolutions (rev/min) 10 000
Top speed (kph) 300



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