Nürburgring hosts the 111th race together for premium tyre maker Hankook and the DTM Hankook, DTM | Constructors F1

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Nürburgring hosts the 111th race together for premium tyre maker Hankook and the DTM Hankook, DTM | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Nürburgring hosts the 111th race together for premium tyre maker Hankook and the DTM

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Hankook DTM 2018

Nürburgring hosts the 111th race together for premium tyre maker Hankook and the DTM.


Hankook and the DTM celebrate a very special milestone this weekend. The 111th race on Hankook race tyres in arguably the most popular international touring car series will take place on Saturday at the Nürburgring. The premium tyre maker has been exclusive partner of the DTM since 2011 and has constantly developed the Ventus Race to meet the technical demands of the DTM. With the partnership now in its eighth year, the tyre of choice is the fourth generation of Hankook slick. Like all its predecessors, the current tyre offers high performance, consistency, and maximum safety.


Nürburgring/Germany, 4th September 2018
The organisers could not have chosen a better venue for the 111th DTM race on Hankook race tyres. Hankook is “at home” at the Nürburgring: the industrial estate houses the European motorsport headquarters of the premium tyre maker. Manfred Sandbichler, Hankook Motorsport Director Europe: “We are delighted that the milestone 111th race will be held at our home event at the Nürburgring, where we have been involved in endurance championships in the Eifel region for many years. The DTM offers the very highest standard of touring car racing and we are happy to have been cooperating with a partner like this for eight years already. Since first becoming involved, we have continuously further developed the Ventus Race, thus ensuring that Hankook and the DTM are synonymous with exciting and spectacular motorsport.”

Spectators at the iconic circuit in the Eifel Mountains can look forward to more of the same this weekend. Just three rounds remain in the battle for the championship, as the title race enters the finishing straight. Several drivers still have a realistic chance of winning the DTM title and will fight hard for every position and every point. The layout of the Nürburgring is varied, with greater changes in elevation than at any other DTM circuit. “The Nürburgring is a flowing racetrack, at which fast corners alternate with slower sections. As such, the car must have a balanced set-up with a combination of mechanical and aerodynamic grip,” says Hankook DTM race engineer Thomas Baltes.

The surface of the 3.629-kilomete strip of asphalt is very smooth. As temperatures can be very low in September, it is important for the drivers to get heat into the Hankook slicks as quickly as possible, in order to be able to take full advantage of the high level of grip offered by the Ventus Race. Thomas Baltes: “The ideal working temperature of the Hankook race tyre is between 90 and 110 degrees. With a higher tyre pressure combined with high camber settings, it is possible to quickly bring the tyre into this optimal window, even in potentially cold weather. However, the values must not be too extreme, in order to limit the amount of tyre wear.”

The running surface of the Hankook race tyre will be put under more strain than the construction at the iconic racetrack. However, this in no way affects the performance of the Ventus Race. The best overtaking opportunity comes after the downhill section, before the chicane. As always, the unpredictable weather is the X factor at the Nürburgring. Sudden showers, hail and fog are not uncommon. “The drivers know what to expect at the Nürburgring and are ready for anything. The Hankook race tyre offers them optimal support in all conditions, whether wet or dry. The key will be to ensure that you always have the right air pressure,” says the Hankook DTM race engineer.



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