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Rear mirrors F1,Formule 1, construct, konstrukce | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Rear mirrors

Miroslav Sanytrák / foto Jiří Křenek | 10.2.07 | Zrcátko

F1 constructors

The rear mirrors are subject to countless FIA requirements. The reflection area must be 150 mm wide and 50 mm high, whereas the corner radiuses must not be more than 10 mm. The position on the car is strictly given as well. Although the mirrors are negligible compared to the car size, constructors pay a lot of attention to them. Considering they add aerodynamic drag and influence the overall airflow around the car they are designed with help of computer simulation and detailed testing and tuning in an aerodynamic tunnel. The weight reduction is equally important as they are positioned high above the centre of gravity. The mirror is therefore made of carbon composite, the reflection area from the very light Perspex, it is mounted with titanium screws. Similarly important are also the vibrations caused by the air stream and engine.


It is necessary to use anti-vibration mounting. The mirrors are not simply attached to the cover part of the bodywork but their long support construction goes deep towards the chassis. The mirrors are not only important for the monitoring of opponents but also for the visual checking of the rear tires. The ideal aerodynamics is also compromised to allow the driver to see the front tires, which is extremely important for example for driving close to the barriers. For the Monaco GP, where the pilots drive close to the barriers and speeds are not so high, the cars are usually equipped with a special set of mirrors. A mirror weighs about 160 g and there are usually as many as 12 sets of them for a season.





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