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rilobit Beroun 2009 Trilobit Beroun.Fites, F1, Formule 1 | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

rilobit Beroun 2009

Miroslav Sanytrák | 1.2.09 | Berounský Trilobit

Tribit Beroun

What is FITES

The Czech film and television association FITES is a union of creative audiovisual workers. It is active in The Czech Republic, located in Prague with branches in Ostrava, Brno and Zlin.It associates and protects audiovisual authors, inspires an ongoing opinion exchange on the Czech audiovisual stage, agrees on professional opinions and supports activities aimed at the creation of both artistic and moral works of value. It sees that humanity, morality, democracy and freedom of speech in audiovisual works and the media are ensured. It strives after the optimal material, technical, economic and organizational conditions of work.FITES protects professional, authors', contractual and social rights and interests of all creative workers - also of non members. It defends the freedom of work against unjustified and possibly political or other pressures and seeks the works of value to be made public. It watches over the artistic, professional and ethical standards of the original Czech audiovisual work, as well as the foreign production.It supports the rightful demands of the authors of audiovisual works and the works used in the audiovisual way within the realms of the legal relationships. It helps the talented both professional and amateur authors with a special attention paid to the tyros in the field.

FITES provides paid services in the area of culture, especially film, television, art and promotion in the Czech Republic and abroad. It exercises its right to participate in the solution of concrete organisational and legislative questions with cultural institutions, legislative bodies and executive power. In case of necessary cooperation it turns to other art associations and unions. It seeks cooperation with other partner organisations, including foreign ones. It supports cooperation of independent authors and producers with public televisions. It puts through the suggestions for and maintaining of clear rules of placing the public orders and coproductions in audiovisual area. .FITES, together with The Actors' Association and the town of Prelouc, organizes annual Frantisek Filipovsky Awards for the best performances in dubbing.FITES organizes, usually four times a year, board discussions, so called Quarterlies, on current topics from audiovisual field.FITES, together with the Ministry of Culture CR and the Association of Slovak Television Authors, organizes the Cine-meeting of the Czech and Slovak document and animated films.In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture CR, the town of Beroun, foundation fund LETOROSTY and SANCO, FITES organizes the contest TRILOBIT BEROUN and Vladislav Vancura Award, which is the evaluation of creative work in the last year, the ceremonial announcement of the results usually takes place the last but one January's Saturday of the following year.Six times a year FITES issues, usually in the middle of even months, the Bulletin of the Czech Film and Television Association SYNCHRON. It includes essays and opinions, interviews, festivals calendar, memories and documents. This magazine is, in fact, the only link of FITES and wider professional public. Synchron is also available on about two weeks from the issue date. There are 6 issues a year, in coated paper, size A4 (297x210 mm) with the usual 4 coloured cover pages plus 32-40 pages of monochromatic text part with photographs. Circulation 1,200 - 1,300.

The ceremony of presenting the awards took place on 24 January 2009 at 5.30pm in the Mir Cinema. Our firm SANCO Ltd., as soon as the last year arranged the special Trilobit Beroun - Ecology as an award for a film with the topic of ecology. Our intention was to support FITES and the ecology itself. The winning film "A living picture of a better world" shows just that close link of men and nature in modern rushing world. The prize went to Marian Polak. It was presented by Miroslav Sanytrak together with the chairman of FITES and the mayor of Beroun.

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