The ADAC GT Masters championship is a new event at the Most Motor-racing Circuit ADAC, GT, Masters, autodrom, Formule 1,jezdci, Most, autodrom, | Constructors F1

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The ADAC GT Masters championship is a new event at the Most Motor-racing Circuit ADAC, GT, Masters, autodrom, Formule 1,jezdci, Most, autodrom, | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

The ADAC GT Masters championship is a new event at the Most Motor-racing Circuit

Mgr.J.Foukal/Autodrom Most | 23.3.18 | Aktuálně

ADAC Masters GT 2018

The ADAC GT Masters championship is a new event at the Most Motor-racing Circuit


Motor racing and powerful engine fans can look forward to another new event on the Autodrom Most race calendar. After successful negotiations with the promoter, that is, Autodrom has extended its interesting and varied offer to include the ADAC GT Masters, a prestigious European GT3 modified super sports car championship based in Germany.

“It is a real treat, and there will be a lot to watch. It is beautiful and aggressive cars such as Audi R8 LMS, BMW M6 GT3, Corvette C7 GT3-R, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GT3, Honda NSX GT3 and Porsche 911 GT3-R that will line up for the start,” said Josef Zajíček, AUTODROM MOST Chairman of the Board.

In North Bohemia, team drivers will fight for another portion of points under the name of The Most Show featuring ADAC GT Masters over the weekend of 27–29 April.

The championship will start its season with a race held at Oschersleben, Germany on 13–15 April. “After practice and qualifying sessions, each series race weekend will culminate with two championship races, one taking place on Saturday and the other one, on Sunday. The spectators will enjoy battles on the track. Each race is to last sixty minutes. Crews made up of two drivers each will take spells at the wheel with drivers swapping during pit stops,” said Zajíček.

The prestige and high competitiveness of the series is, according to him, underlined by auspices, which is taken for this event by Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic, Mr. Tomáš Hüner. “Our pleasure is highlighted by the fact, that Mr. Minister is motorsport enthusiast, with an experience of driving a race car,” he added.

Speed differences between the cars in the field result from different design concepts. In order to make up for this difference, there is a system of ballast, the so-called Balance of Performance. “It often happens that we have up to twenty cars within one second, which results in very close battles and elevates the race drama. This makes it possible for the spectators to get a unique experience comparable, for example, with watching circuit racing truck battles poised on a knife-edge,” Josef Zajíček added.

On the starting grid, there are professional works drivers, gentlemen as well as former Formula One drivers. Apart from a wide range of European drivers, the field includes some Americans and South Africans. Some of them also take part in the prestigious Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft (DTM) touring car special series having a thirty-three-year-old tradition.

This year, Igor Salaquarda’s Czech ISR team will make its first appearance in the ADAC GT Masters. Besides German driver Frank Stippler, Salaquarda has signed his son, Filip, to race for the team. This way, the Most spectators can support their fellow countryman at the pitch of their voices while Filip Salaquarda has the opportunity to enjoy and take advantage of home soil at the circuit.

The ADAC GT Masters includes some support races. Thus, Most will see the ADAC TCR series, the GT 4 Central European Cup, and the revived Octavia Cup circuit racing series. 


The participants in the ADAC TCR touring car racing series include Niko Kankkunen, four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen’s son. The fans can also look forward to Petr Fulín, a three-time winner of the European Touring Car Cup (ETCC). Moreover, he will take part in this season’s opening race at Oschersleben, Germany driving his Seat Cupra. In contrast to the GT cars, the TCR cars are restricted by tough technical rules a great deal. Battles on the track promise a thrilling show with close to forty cars standing on the grid.

The GT4 class has been designed exclusively for amateur drivers (gentleman drivers) who use cars that can basically be operated in road traffic or weekend drives on race tracks.

The Octavia Cup, a series full of battles between domestically produced cars very popular with teams, drivers and spectators, is back after a year out. The races are very close thanks to the matching equipment.

The race weekend visitors will not get the raw deal regarding an interesting programme of side events. The main attraction will be an aerobatic stunt show performed by Petr Kopfstein, a successful participant in the Red Bull Air Race Master Class world championship. The programme also includes a driver autograph session and a pit walk – attendance at the starting grid just before the start of individual races. As usual, there will be fun attractions for small kids including the children’s traffic-drill playground facilities.






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