Speciální cena!!! Who Works in - 2020 F1, formule 1, grand prix | Constructors F1

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Speciální cena!!! Who Works in - 2020 F1, formule 1, grand prix | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Speciální cena!!!

Geneviève FAREZ / Who Works Sports Guides | 29.6.20 | Aktuality

Who Whorsk in FORMULA ONE 2020


Who Works in Formula One - 2020 Edition


Buy the hard copy & get the ebook access for free

To celebrate the new start of the Formula One World Championship we offer to every buyer of the printed version of Who Works in Formula One 2020 its digital version for computer or mobile phone.

This offer is valid until July 5, 2020 - Only



The "Who Works in Motorsports" & " Who Works in Formula One" are the only "all in one" guide gathering all the information about the major players in the key Motorsport Championships and International Series, worldwide. This is the most effective, complete and yearly updated B2B publication to get easy and accurate access to companies and individuals within the motorsport business worldwide thanks to hyperinks to more than 5000 names and positions within 700 companies : in one click you will find the decision makers or the companies you need to contact with names, positions, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, social media, portrait pictures and logos.

Every aspect of the championships are covered, including teams, drivers, key staff, crew members, circuits, series officials, sponsors, suppliers, marketing and PR, photographers and journalists, etc.

Discover the publication in details via our website : www.WhoWorksIn.com


Each new edition 100% researched & updated!

Order from www.whoworksin.com or by emailing:  info@whoworksin.com

or calling : +44 207 193 0686



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