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Who works in Formula one F1,Formule 1, construct, konstrukce | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Who works in Formula one

Who Works in... | 21.3.09 | Who Works in Motorsports

20th Year of Publication

WHO WORKS SPORTS GUIDES are pleased to announce the release of the 2009 edition of
“ Who Works in Formula One”
The definitive guide to the 2009 Formula One Championship.

Available from UK offices at : + 44 207 1930 686 or from our secure website: www.whoworksin.com
New edition is 100% researched & updated !

For the last twenty years “Who Works in...” guides have successfully provided the most up to date detailed information about teams, drivers, team owners, key people, crew members, car technical specs, circuits, sponsors, suppliers, engineers, photographers, journalists and many more hard to find facts.

If you want the telephone number of a team or its history, contact details for a sponsor or a supplier, the technical specification of a car, an engine, or information on a key person Who Works in Formula One has it!

All your questions answered in one 524 page book : biographies, contact names and details, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc...

Who Works in Formula One is an invaluable reference tool for both professionals and fans for use throughout the year and to keep for future reference.

GBP 52.50 plus shipping and handling.

Who Works Sports Guides
Tel : +44 (0)207 1930 686 
email : info@whoworksin.com - web site : www.whoworksin.com



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